Munnoo Bhai

(Covayner Sundas Foundation)

A simple man with deep seated feelings and love for life and choice. No wonder Muneer Ahmad Qureshi, better known as everyone’s beloved and respected Munnoo Bhai, agreed to chaperon Sundas Foundation. His feelings for innocent children and their pain come clean from the sadness of his voice as he shared his message and efforts.

Interview with Munnoo Bhai

What prompted you to get involved with the work of Sundas Foundation?

Munnoo Bhai: The main reason for my affiliation with this effort is because I see and feel what we are doing to our children who are the diseased because of no faults of theirs. Then I also see how the mothers of such children are suffering. Our target is to help those people who are the silent victims in our society. These "Safaid Poshs" will never ask for help openly and are punished by their silence to suffer.

Will it be useful if we enlarge the scoop of the work of Sundas Foundation?

Munnoo Bhai: Most definitely, our ultimate effort should be to have bone marrow plantation available here so that children can be cured of this disease. However, that is very expensive and out of reach especially because it involves very specialized post operative care. Diseases cannot be eradicated in total, but we to try to do our best. There are many hundred thousand children in Pakistan who are affected by thalassaemia and related diseases.

What do you feel when you are with such children who are suffering from this disease?

Munnoo Bhai: Seeing these delicate children with needles in their bodies is itself very painful. However, I shudder to think what happens if they do not get the blood they need.

What are your plans for the foundation in the near future?

Munnoo Bhai: Other than the three centers running in Gujranwala, Lahore and Sialkot, our immediate need is to have three blood banks in each of these centers. Each of these blood banks will require a capital investment of Rs. 20 million and I think these are basic facilities that we must invest in as soon as possible.

What message would you like to give to philanthropists?

Munnoo Bhai: I want to request them for their support in this important work. I can assure that your money will be spent judiciously here. Providing blood and life to these children is very sacred purpose and I think there perhaps cannot be any better utility of your zakat.